Thursday, December 23, 2010

Trad Class torpedo boat

Thai torpedo boat, Trad Class built in Monfalcone shipyard,Trieste, Italy. In this american manual it should be HTMS Chantaburi(จ.บ.) with the old number "11" HTMS Trad.
The number and the abbreviated name was all erased during Franco-Thai conflict(source: in Thai language). So if any French source claimed that some observer had seen the number "11", HTMS Trad in the Koh Chang battle, it's totally wrong.

Trad class torpedo boat, from this picture, it should be at Italy.

"ปัตตานี" is HTMS Pattani. 
"สุราษฎร์" is HTMS Surasdra(Surat).

Trad class boats were name after Thai coastal provinces. Thai navy called these ships "large torpedo boat".
There were 9 ships.Before 1940, there use old number and abbriviation paint on the hull. During Franco-Thai Conflict, all number and abbriviated name were erased.
  1. HTMS Trad "ตราด", abbriviated "ต.ด.", prewar number "5" around 1937-1940 change to "11"
  2. HTMS Phuket "ภูเก็ต", abbriviated unknown, prewar number "6" around 1937-1940 change to"12"
  3. HTMS Pattani "ปัตตานี", abbriviated "ป.น.", prewar number "13"
  4. HTMS Surasdra "สุราษฎร์", abbriviated "ส.น.", prewar number "21"
  5. HTMS Chandaburi "จันทบุรี", abbriviated "จ.บ.", prewar number "22"
  6. HTMS Rayong "ระยอง", abbriviated "ร.ย.", prewar number "23"
  7. HTMS Chumporn "ชุมพร", abbriviated "ช.พ.", prewar number "31"
  8. HTMS Cholburi "ชลบุรี", abbriviated "ช.บ.", prewar number "32"
  9. HTMS Songkla "สงขลา", abbriviated unknown, prewar number "33"

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