Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HTMS Matchanu Class Submariners trained in Japan

In 1937, Royal Thai(Siamese) Navy, had sent  118 seamen to be trained to be submariners by Imperial Japanese submariners. Captain Yatsushiro Sukeyoshi, former CO. of IJN Tatsuta, light cruiser, was a chief instructor.

The first shift departed Bangkok by Japanese transport "Nachisan Maru" on May 31,1936. 
Arrived at Kobe, June 12,1936.

The first shift about 40 men and officers.

Thai submariners stayed at Funabashi Middle School, Tokyo from June,13 to October 25, 1936.

 Maybe the first seminar.

Thais in Kendo training.

Trained for gymnastics.

Both navy ensign at Funabashi school.

Captain Yatsushiro Sukeyoshi (later Rear Admiral), Chief instructor for Thai submariner, died in WWII at Kwajalein Atoll by bomb hit from USS Enterprise's air strike, February 1,1942. 

Japanese language instructor.

Infantry(marine) class at Funabashi.

Thai seamen visited IJN Mikasa on September 15,1936.

Goodbye ceremony, October 22, 1936.

Leaving Funabashi for catching Kobe train in Tokyo, October 25,1936.
Arrived Kobe on the next day.

Thai submariners house at Mitsubishi Dockyard, Kobe


 Thai officer on study.

"nice and easy" time.

Submarine technical class.

Lunch at Kobe.

Physical inspection.

Japanese military instructor.
1.Captain Yatsushiro, commanding officer.
2. Lt.commander Goto, executive officer.
3. Lt.commander Murazumi, chief engineer.
4.Lieutenant Shimada, deputy engineer.
5.Sub-lieutenant Hasegawa, boatswain.
6.Another 17 petty officers.

IJN submarine Ro-64 for Thai submariner training.

Japanese and Thai submariners.

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J Matsuda said...

Very interesting story! Let me point out the name of school the students stayed. It is Funabashi middle school not elementary school. Middle schools were abolished after the world war II. It is Funabashi high school now.