Saturday, January 5, 2013

History of Thai Submarine

History of Thai Submarine

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) 1940-1941

RTAF Martin(B-10B) bombing over French IndoChina.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Interesting, reliable and very rare sources found

It's a good news for Thai military history in WWII fans. I've found 2 interesting, reliable and very rare books about Royal Thai navy and army during Franco-Thai conflict in 1940-1941. Since this historical source is hard to find even in Thai language and it costs money, I'm sorry that I didn't update this blog for a while, I will start adding more information and pictures around the beginning of April 2011.

1.Admiral Sangworn Suwannacheep's Memoir, printed in his funeral, an officer experted in gunnery, he was a former HTMS Sri Ayudhya's commanding officer and a naval 1st flotilla commander during the 1940-1941 war and was on board HTMS Sri Ayudhya during battle of Koh Chang. So, this could be the solid proof that whether HTMS Sri Ayudhya was present at the battle of Koh Chang or not.
          Another interesting topic is that he went to Japan before the war to study Japanese, bring our new gunboat (HTMS Sri Ayudhya) back and visit Imperial Japanese Navy's technology and training. He was invited to stay on board IJN Heavy Cruiser Takao during IJN combined fleet naval exercises  in 1934 before the war started. So he was a few RTN officers to directly experience IJN naval capability before he brought HTMS Sri Ayudhya back home.
          He also honestly criticized our  poor naval capability compared to IJN, that may be because this is his personal memoir intended to keep it privately and was published by his sons after he passed away.

2.General Mangorn Phromyodhi's funeral book, he was commander in chief of Burapha(Eastern) Army that attacked combodia front during 1940-1941. The book includes official record of his army.

I will translate and put them on as soon as possible.

Other source for this blog
3."Indochina War" by Charlie Iamkrasindh

4."When Thonburi fights" by Lieutenant Junior Grade Jongjitt Sanghadul, HTMS Thonburi's aft turret gunnery officer.

Friday, January 14, 2011


HTMS Trad, the first torpedo boat in Trad Class.

HTMS Phuket

HTMS Phuket, Trad class torpedo boat.

HTMS Phuket, Trad Class torpedo boat, with "ภ.ก." abbreviation for "ภูเก็ต"(Phuket).

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

HTMS Maeklong

HTMS Maeklong is a Thai Tachin class sloop built at Uraga dockyard, Japan.

 From the text "Thai commissioners visited the building of HTMS Tachin and HTMS Maeklong at Uraga Dockyard, Yokosuka, Japan 1936.

4.7 inches front turrets on Jan.2, 2011.

Aft 4.7 turret gun. 

HTMS Tachin and HTMS Maeklong at receiving ceremony at Uraga Dockyard on June 19, 1937.

HTMS Tachin and HTMS Maeklong, commissioning ceremony at Rajavaradit dock, Bangkok 
Sept.26, 1937.    

HTMS Maeklong anchored in Maeklong river, ship ceremony, Feb.3-6, 1938

Maeklong and Tachin.

Maeklong "แม่กลอง".

Thai garuda.

Looking up to control bridge.

 controlling wheel in good condition.

IJN torpodo (finding out it's type)

Depth charges launcher.

Mines railing.