Wednesday, December 29, 2010

HTMS Maeklong

HTMS Maeklong is a Thai Tachin class sloop built at Uraga dockyard, Japan.

 From the text "Thai commissioners visited the building of HTMS Tachin and HTMS Maeklong at Uraga Dockyard, Yokosuka, Japan 1936.

4.7 inches front turrets on Jan.2, 2011.

Aft 4.7 turret gun. 

HTMS Tachin and HTMS Maeklong at receiving ceremony at Uraga Dockyard on June 19, 1937.

HTMS Tachin and HTMS Maeklong, commissioning ceremony at Rajavaradit dock, Bangkok 
Sept.26, 1937.    

HTMS Maeklong anchored in Maeklong river, ship ceremony, Feb.3-6, 1938

Maeklong and Tachin.

Maeklong "แม่กลอง".

Thai garuda.

Looking up to control bridge.

 controlling wheel in good condition.

IJN torpodo (finding out it's type)

Depth charges launcher.

Mines railing.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Was the ASW gear onboard this vessel during WW2?

WilliamHenryHarrison said...

Wow! Great photos! Thank you for sharing.

Do you know when the Depth Charge Throwers were added to Tachin and Maeklong? Did they have Depth Charges in 1938 or was it later?

WatcharaYui said...

Depth Charge Throwers were installed on March 14th, 1954.