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HTMS Thonburi ( aka HTMS Dhonburi )

HTMS Dhonburi
HTMS Thonburi in painting. Courtesy "Nyenava" and Thawatchai "Uma" P. of

Royal Thai Navy ensign

HTMS Thonburi(Dhonburi) Specification in Thai
Ship name HTMS Thonburi
Ship Type Coastal Defense Gunship
Width 13.41 Meters
Length 77 Meters
Displacement 2350 Tons
Speed 15 Knots
4 x 8 inches main guns
4 x 3 inches AA guns
4 x 20 mm. AA guns
Crews 234 men
Ship History
Commissioned 1938
Built by Kawasaki Co., Kobe Japan
Same class as HTMS Sri Ayudhya

Her Bridge and forward turret are still preserved at royal naval academy,Samut Prakarn.

Her both turret were as same as IJN Myoko Cruiser
 Madsen dual 20 mm AA guns.

Bofors 75/51 mm DP gun.
Courtesy "Nyenava" of

Thai Naval Force on US intelligence.

Thai Destroyer,Submarine and Coastal Defence ship respectively.

Specification of HTMS Thonburi in American Manual.

 Thai Torpedo Boats

Romanization from the word "ธนบุรี" can be Dhornbury,Dhonburi or Thonburi but Royal Thai Navy officially called her "Thonburi".

"Thonburi" was an old capital of Siam(Thailand).This capital last for 15 years before moving to the opposite bank of Chao Praya River,the new capital found on the town called "Bangkok". The name "Bangkok" was changed to "Krung Thep"(city of angels) but the world still call her by the old name.

In fact,Thonburi and her sister Sri Ayudhya are consider by royal Thai navy as flagships of the fleet not just coastal defence ships.Most of thai people called these ships "Gunship".
In fact, Sri Ayudhya was not present at the battle of Koh Chang,she was at Sattahip naval base when the battle was commenced.She came too late to assist her beached sister,Thonburi,grounded and heavily damaged from french 6inches shells.

Thonburi actually was alone at that battle.But the American took that info and printed at the bottom of this manual "Both grounded in 1941". This caused misunderstanding all around the world. Every Thai people who learn this battle know that we have only 3 ships separately engaging French Fleet on that day.

HTMS Dhonburi
"ร.ล.ธนบุรี เรือปืนหนัก"/"HTMS Thonburi Heavy Gunship".

HTMS Thonburi (Dhonburi) 1/500 drawing.

Twin sisters ships HTMS Thonburi and Sri Ayudhya approximate 1/80 scale
modelled by Boonlue MuangKhem.
โดยอาจารย์ บุญลือ ม่วงเข้ม

HTMS Thonburi at sea.

HTMS Thonburi on 13 Jan 1941 ( 4 days before the fight ).

Thonburi at Yokohama September 12,1938.

Thonburi September 12,1938

Another pic of Thonburi at Yokohama.
Thonburi at unknown port (may be at Thailand).

Thonburi received welcome (I'm not sure which port but it's an arrival, maybe at some port at Japan).

Thonburi forward structure.

 The Spotlight and the funnel.

 Thonburi's aft tower.

 Aft tower.

Thonburi's structures, picture taking after berth at port.

Thonburi's aft turret

 Thonburi's ensign.

 Taking picture of a lady at forward turret.

Thonburi's crew.

Picture courtesy elder brother NyeNAVA of
HTMS Thonburi's forward turret and superstructure kept as memorial at Royal Thai Naval Academy.
I'm not sure the painting color is the same as she was in WWII.

Her 8 inches turrets are equivalent to IJN Heavy Cruiser Myoko Class.

HTMS Thonburi's crews
Commander Luang Phrom Veerapan, CO is on the top-left.

HTMS Thonburi and her crew at Kobe,Japan 1938

If you would like to see any picture or data involving Thai forces in WWII, please leave a request or comment. I will find them.Thank you.

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